In this episode we discuss visual-spatial learning with Alex Wolf and Dr. Vijal Parikh of Hear how they got started, about their Pattern Alphabet, and their work with SILC (Spatial Intelligence Learning Center) and the Tanzania Pilot Study with the Radius Foundation.

Alex Wolf of Na2ure 

Alex Wolf had a playful childhood and a bang-up education at Exeter, RISD and abroad. Alex used her RISD training and her experience as a mom to establish Na2ure and provide children tools to express creatively through space, form, pattern and motion. She has developed a number or nature pattern games, including Ani-gram-it and BARK games, as well as the Periodic Table for Biology and Pattern ABC cards, a pre-verbal/pre-math way for young children to access visual-spatial learning and bring spatial skills to learning language and math. These patterns are just as relevant in K-12 up into  university and beyond.

Na2ure co-founder Dr. Vijal Parikh is fascinated by the brain and how we learn. As a consulting psychiatrist for ThriveNYC, he provides care at multiple primary clinics. His work disadvantaged populations confirms the need for effective, creative learning tools that engage learners young and old.




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