About Us

Scott Bultman

Toymaker / historian

After earning a degree in Film/Video Studies from the University of Michigan, the unexpected death of his father diverted Scott from filmmaking into the family toy manufacturing business for the next two decades.

A chance 1996 meeting with representatives from the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust, introduced Scott to the story of Froebel Kindergarten. Following the twists and turns of the story led Scott to amass a large archive of historical research and artifacts, and a diverse network of experts on the subject.

Scott Bultman


Jay Irwin

jay irwin

Creative Director / Producer

Jay is co-owner of Match Frame Creative and involved in several other business ventures but his greatest adventure is being a father of two girls along with his wife.  Having struggled to make school work, and being raised by educators, Jay was primed for the opportunity to work with Scott and John on documenting the story of learning.  Jay is passionate about using his experiences and skills to further the understanding of how learning works and how we can best advocate for our kids. 

john pottenger

director / editor

John’s owns Coastline Studios, an event video production company and co-owns Match Frame Creative which focuses on corporate and commercial video production. John is married to his wife Amy, and together they parent 2 kids currently in a “Public School” Montessori in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Having come from some great schools with great teachers, John still felt disconnected with learning most of his life.  It wasn’t until a discovery in 2015 that there were alternative ways of learning (“child centered”, “play based” etc..) that John became passionate about advocating for a better way of doing education.