The Benefits of Risky Play – Rachel Larimore

Oct 01, 2020

How can we stop shielding kids from nature and help them explore it safely? Nature-based educator/author/consultant Rachel Larimore, of Samara Early Learning, explains how to better manage beneficial risky play. As a founder of Chippewa Nature Center Preschool in Midland, Michigan, Rachel has years of experience working with parents, teachers and children in a nature-based setting. […]

Why Is the Reggio Approach So Popular? – Jennifer Azzariti

Aug 17, 2020

Jennifer Azzariti, an artist, studio teacher and atelierista, began her career at the Model Early Learning Center (MELC) in Washington, DC … a landmark school in the history of the Reggio Approach in the U.S. She’s worked closely with Amelia Gambetti and Lella Gandini, and is the founder of the DC Area Reggio Study Group. […]

Who Speaks for Froebel? – Helge Wasmuth

Aug 07, 2020

Does anyone really​ know what Froebel​ intended his Kindergarten to be? How much of that survives today, who changed it … and why? Helge Wasmuth, Associate Professor in the Department of Childhood Education​ at Mercy College, researched these questions and joins us to discuss. Check out Helge’s new book Fröbel’s Pedagogy of Kindergarten and Play […]

Pandemic Pods vs. Micro Schools with Mara Linaberger

Jul 30, 2020

What are parents and teachers going to do about school this year? Many are talking about starting pods or micro schools. After decades in the Pittsburgh public schools, from the classroom to upper administration, Mara Linaberger of Micro School Builders has experience to share. Mara is the author of two books: The Micro School Builder’s […]

Power to the Profession – Rhian Allvin

Jul 23, 2020

Power to the Profession was established as a national collaboration to define the early childhood education profession (birth through age 8) across states and settings, and establish a framework for career pathways knowledge and competencies, qualifications, standards, accountability, and compensation. Rhian Allvin has been guiding the strategic direction of NAEYC and overseeing daily operations since […]

The Power of Hands-On Learning – Doug Stowe

Jul 07, 2020

Powerful learning happens through creative hands-on activities. How can schools better promote learning beyond eyes and ears? Doug Stowe, an expert in both Sloyd and Froebel methods, shows us how. Doug, master woodworker, developed the Wisdom of the Hands program at Clear Spring School, a small independent school in Eureka Springs, AR. He’s written over […]

Clearing the Air – John, Scott, Jay

Jun 18, 2020

The goal is to clear the air of assumptions our listeners may have and be as transparent as possible about what’s driving our work on the series and podcast. We welcome your questions and feedback. TRANSCRIPT Jay Irwin: I think there’s a lot of movement already happening. I think there’s a lot of people doing […]

Fostering Wonder and Inquiry in Children – Paul Andersen

Jun 07, 2020

In this episode Paul Andersen, an educational consultant and YouTube creator based in Bozeman, Montana, reflects on the differences in good and bad teaching. He provides insight on how parents and educators can move away from dumping information onto children, and foster wonder and inquiry so children lead their own learning. Paul’s classroom experience, video […]