John Pottenger Scott Bultman Jay Irwin
John Pottenger, Scott Bultman, and Jay Irwin

In the first of several “behind the scenes” episodes, John, Jay and Scott discuss the history and motivation behind the Garden of Children documentary series and Path to Learning podcast. With all the talk about Froebel (and Scott’s involvement in making/selling Froebel Gifts) this session addresses questions about the end goal for the projects.

The goal is to clear the air of assumptions our listeners may have and be as transparent as possible about what’s driving our work on the series and podcast. We welcome your questions and feedback.

Scott mentions a few of the influencers in his journey, including Montessori teacher John Derrig of Tarzana, CA, Dr. Barbara Corbett and Finella Scholtz of the Froebel School in Mississauga, and Dr. Eugene Gallanter, emeritus professor of Psychology at Columbia University.

Also, here’s a link to the clickable list of other education documentaries mentioned in the podcast:

Below are a few images from Scott’s nearly 25 year Froebel journey and here’s a link to a shaky hand-held video of Scott’s first visit to the Froebel School in Mississauga (with Norman Brosterman) back in 1998.

Froebel School Mississauga
2001: Scott at the Froebel School in Canada, between founder, Dr. Barbara Corbett and Mr. Chung, chairman of Korea-Froebel




Finella Scholtz
Finella Scholtz leads a Gift Play at the Froebel School in Mississauga in 1997
Korea YMCA Gift Play
South Korean YMCA class with Froebel Gift 2 in May 2001
Korean creativity-event
Creativity with Froebel Gifts competition in South Korea in May 2001

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