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A Natural Way to Assess Learning

A Natural Way to Assess Learning

Stacey Wellman, MA, CCC-SLP, LD, a speech/language pathologist with Winnetka Public Schools, describes how the Froebel method helps her identify and assess a child’s learning profile. She’s worked with children ages 3 to 14 in the public schools for over 25 years. Her neurological assessments utilize Froebel Gifts and Occupations as a more natural tool for deeper insights into learning. This natural play-based approach often avoids the need for prescriptions or disruptive interventions which can undermine a child’s confidence.

Outside the public schools, Stacey works with high school and college students on organizational and integrated thinking and learning strategies. In addition, she runs a Roots and Shoots program and travels internationally with students, believing that learning must extend beyond the classroom and into nature.

She has received advanced training from the All Kinds of Minds Institute at North Carolina, Chapel Hill, the Floor Time Method developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan, RAD Learning pioneered by Judy Willis, MD, MEd, as well as extensive coursework in occupational therapy, neurodevelopmental training, environmental education, community stewardship, and ecotherapy.

‚ÄčThis interview was recorded to video in Grand Rapids, MI on August 23, 2017 for the Garden of Children documentary series. John, Jay and Scott were all present during the session. The material here is an edit, approximately half of the full conversation. The questions have been re-recorded as Stacey was the only one with a proper microphone.

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A Natural Way to Assess Learning