011 - Paul Andersen

Fostering Wonder and Inquiry in Children

Fostering Wonder and Inquiry in Children

Paul Anderson | Bozemanbiology

In this episode Paul Andersen, an educational consultant and YouTube creator based in Bozeman, Montana, reflects on the differences in good and bad teaching. He provides insight on how parents and educators can move away from dumping information onto children, and foster wonder and inquiry so children lead their own learning.

Paul’s classroom experience, video lessons, and worldwide consulting make him a wonderful resource for teaching science. The current disruption to education make his experience and commentary on the state of education now even more valuable. He’s on the front lines with a unique perspective on what’s working now and the pitfalls to avoid.

Paul taught classroom science for over 20 years. Through his website https://thewonderofscience.com/ and on-site consulting, he now provides training for students, teachers, and administrators on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), educational technology, effective classroom design, and more.

Voted 2011 Montana Teacher of the Year, he was one of four finalists for the 2011 National Teacher of the Year. A top ten YouTube Edu Gurus in 2012, Paul has several hundred YouTube science videos online and a following of nearly a million subscribers around the world.

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Fostering Wonder and Inquiry in Children